Hosted Journeys

Dialysis Abroad’s boutique tours are ideal for those who want to be immersed in local places and experiences, travelling with fewer than than 16 like-minded travellers. Tours are designed so you  sample the authentic cultural experiences while knowing  your dialysis needs,  provided in a safe environment, are our priority.

Dialysis patients and their family and friends are welcome to join our tours from anywhere in the world.

Dialysis Abroad’s tour host approach is to share exciting travel experiences, fun, seeing  and experiencing new things, taste local food, meet amazing people, or ordinary people in amazing places,  make friends and  tick that next destination off your list.

Dialysis Abroad tours are slow paced, flexible and allow travellers the opportunity for independence and free time. Extensions are available at the end of the tour and also you have the choice of travelling economy , business or first class depending on  your individual needs.

For those travelling alone, group tours offer the opportunity to see the sights with security and comfort and the chance to travel with friends, old and new.

Dialysis Abroad  minimises the costs involved for a solo traveller ( there are occassions  where  third party providers charge a significant supplement which, by necessity, is passed onto the solo traveller).

“Thankyou for showing me that there is a life on dialysis and you can travel.
My wife had a great learning experience talking to other partners and how
they coped with partners on dialysis” Doug

“Thankyou both for the wonderful scenic tour and the food safari to hidden places.
You have been so kind and incredibly efficient in organising the tour and all our transport”

Ros and Rosie