Our Team

Nancy Douglas-Irving OAM


Highly successful and respected Director of Dialysis Abroad. The agency specialise in travel experiences for small groups for people requiring dialysis. Nancy, a three time transplant recipient, with all of the concomitant issues of these events, is also the co-founder and President of the fully volunteer run charity Dialysis Escape Line Australia.

Nancy loves to share with others on dialysis that is ok to still travel, even with dialysis. Yes it may take a bit more work and organising but it can be done. Dialysis Abroad offers different itineraries every year with the aim to explore as far and wide as possible with safe dialysis treatment. Its all about connecting travel with dialysis.

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“Thankyou both for the wonderful scenic tour and the food safari to hidden places.
You have been so kind and incredibly efficient in organising the tour and all our transport”

Ros and Rosie