England, Ireland and Scotland

24th August to 5th September, 2018


24-Aug-18 Bremerhaven 20:00
25-Aug-18 At Sea
26-Aug-18 Rosyth (Edinburgh) 08:00 17:30
27-Aug-18 Kirkwall 09:00 18:00
28-Aug-18 Ullapool 07:00 18:00
29-Aug-18 Oban 08:00 20:00
30-Aug-18 Londonderry 08:00 16:00
31-Aug-18 Belfast 06:00 20:00
01-Sep-18 Dublin 08:00 14:00
02-Sep-18 Falmouth 08:30 18:40
03-Sep-18 Portland 07:00 20:30
04-Sep-18 At Sea
05-Sep-18 Bremerhaven 08:00

Note that prevent the ship from reaching a planned port in bad weather or sea conditions, as far as possible made alternative provisions.Anchor IconShip lies at anchor * Technical stop, guests can not go ashore

“Thankyou both for the wonderful scenic tour and the food safari to hidden places.
You have been so kind and incredibly efficient in organising the tour and all our transport”

Ros and Rosie