Debbie FAQ

Business or Economy?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say Business Class! Although I’ve only ever had the chance to travel in Business Class once on my way to Hawaii, I’ve now been spoilt and would always pay additional to upgrade if funds permitted. It’s just so nice to be able to recline all the way back, spread out a little and enjoy the additional benefits provided in Business Class.

Most Frequented Destination?

I can’t help myself! I’m in love with Queensland and Fiji. It’s the sun and the warmth that I’m drawn to and given the opportunity, I’d travel to either destination in a heartbeat. The pearly white toothed smile of the locals in Fiji and their welcoming culture is just too difficult for me to resist. Throw in a beach towel, the shade of a beach umbrella, a hammock, a good book and a refreshing drink to sip on and I’m there!

Favourite Airport?

Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) is definitely my favourite airport. Despite its immense size, I find easy to navigate with a lot of shopping opportunities to entertain me during transit and wait times for the next flight. I love the spacious feel that the glass roofed architecture provides and the fact that the terminals are easily accessible by rail from the city.

If I Ran My Own Airline I Would …..?

If I ran my own airline, I would offer meditation & relaxation sessions during take-off and landing. If travelling on “Deb’s International Airlines”, every passenger would receive a relaxation pack consisting of a relaxing eye mask, lavender oil & soft music audio to listen to throughout the flight. It’s important to feel relaxed on any flight and given this opportunity, most people would benefit greatly from this kind of enhancement.

Where would you go with a million air miles?

A million air miles is a lot to use up on one trip! I’m confident that my first trip would be to the Greek Islands travelling in my own secluded and private First Class cabin, complete with my own personal air steward, choice of personalised amenities, entertainment as well as meals and beverages of my choice at the press of a button. That’s not too much to ask for is it?

Worst place you’ve been lost?

To be honest, it was at Westfield Marion Shopping Centre! I seem to be able to find my way around Rome, but finding my car in the car park at the shopping centre once was an absolute nightmare! Note to self ……. Remember the car park level and row number to ensure a stress free trip home after one of my shopping expeditions.

Most Memorable Overseas Dining?

I once read that “Home is where the Italian Mamma is”. That quote resonates strongly with me! I can’t go past the incredible experience of the numerous home cooked meals that I have enjoyed in Italy whilst visiting relatives. And it’s not like there’s any shortage of it either! “Deb! You eat! You too skinny!” Oh so much delicious food and the fabulous friendly company only enhances the experience even further!

In the Suitcase?

Usually too much! But the essentials for my travel needs are bathers, a towel, some sun screen and a good soothing moisturiser. It’s what I need to enjoy the type of vacation I enjoy the most in a nice sunny, warm location. The rest can be purchased while I’m away! It’s another excuse to go shopping!

The first thing you do in a new city?

The first thing I do is to go for a walk, discover my new surroundings and even get a little lost. It’s the best way to get to know a destination and your immediate surroundings. If it exists in the city I’m in, I will also take the opportunity to do a Hop-On Hop-Off Tour.

Cure for Jetlag?

I hate the feeling of lying awake in the middle of the night, watching the numbers tick over on the clock radio and feeling as though sleep will never come. I don’t follow any set or recommended routine or jet lag plan. I simply sleep when I need it and drink plenty of water.

What technology do you use when you travel?

None! Once my cabin bag is stowed, I pop in my ear plugs, slip on my total block out eye mask & relax. I don’t tend to watch the screen and don’t generally listen to audio either. I simply enjoy the time I have to relax, meditate and let the good vibes flow.

Best Overseas Purchase?

Without question, it would be “Pure Fiji” all natural body products. For centuries, South Pacific and Fiji islanders have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish and moisturise their skin and hair. I love using the hydrating body oils, creamy coconut lotions, handmade soaps and sugar scrubs. Which reminds me… I should really stock up!

Best Travelling Tale?

It might not be the most adventurous of tales and it didn’t happen to me but rather to my late father. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me sharing it as it’s one of the funniest travel tales that I’ve heard. It happened to my father on a flight between Kuala Lumpur and Rome. Midway through the flight, he left his seat to go to the lavatories and then returned to what he thought was his seat. Several hours later into the flight, he asked the lady sitting next to him if she could pass his jacket. Apparently, the look he received in response to his request was none other than a look of bewilderment! He had returned to the incorrect seat hours beforehand and hadn’t even noticed! Nor did the lady he was sitting next to! Despite his embarrassment, he couldn’t help but laugh as he made his way back to his allocated seat some several rows away.

Best Things About Travelling?

The escape from the routine of everyday life and the sense of adventure that awaits at my destination. It’s about getting away from it all and the sense of adventure that awaits at my destination. I’m in love with discovering and learning about new cultures and the way other people lead their lives.

Top Travel Gripe?

Travel Delays!! I understand that they are often inevitable, but they are my pet hate. Once on my way somewhere, I just want to get there and enjoy myself. I generally have a lot of patience, but being delayed when travelling is a true test of my tolerance levels.

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